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Here’s what others have asked.

What are the cost ranges for proposal preparation?
We tailor cost estimates to your specific project. First we’ll talk with you about your project, and can usually state a cost range. Then we’ll provide you with an written estimate. If you decide to move ahead, you’ll receive a timeline and deliverables for our work.

Does We Write the Grants accept contingency compensation?
We estimate costs and charge for grant writing by the project. We do not work on a contingency basis, that is, we do not accept a percentage of successful proposals as compensation for services.

How long is needed to prepare a proposal?
Most proposals can be developed, prepared and submitted in 4-6 weeks. We understand that sometimes it’s necessary and even practical to move more quickly – which may risk quality and add cost. We can start immediately when we’ve received your signed agreement and deposit (usually one third).

If my organization is has not received its non-profit status, can we apply for grants?
Documentation of non-profit status, or 501(c)(3) letter from your state, is critical to virtually all non-profit grant applications. If you want to apply for non-profit status, We Write the Grants can assist you in preparing your application and your organization for this development step.

What is your success rate?
Our success rate is considerably higher than average. However, success measures can fail to consider natural variables. For example, whether the proposal describes a new or continuing program, the viability of the requesting agency, volume of available resources, or geographic distribution – among many others.  We would like to send you a list of successful proposals and relevant references for your consideration, just contact us.

How do you assess and handle conflicts of interest?
Our experience has prepared us to prevent conflicts of interest through transparency. We will work on behalf of only one organization relative to each grant opportunity. If two agencies request proposals for the same opportunity, selections are based on the first formal query or the plan that all agree on.

If we work together, how will we communicate and exchange information?
We are equipped to work in your style. Documents and information are typically shared through email or website locations.  We prefer to conduct at least two in-person meetings during the course of proposal.

How do you handle document confidentiality and ownership?
All documents we are hired to prepare are your property, and will be handled as such. No part of our work on your behalf will be shared with any individual or entity at any time without your written permission. Our confidentiality policies are clearly stated in our written work agreement.

For other questions, please contact us.